initial setup

to start I created a simple html file that loads require.js and then loads the entry point module in js/mods/main

this module depends on jquery so it loads it, when jquery is loaded and the document is ready it changes the page title.

add .gitignore

like every git project ignore files like temporary files, or files created by your text editor, in this case, vim swap files

loading text with the text.js plugin

to load text content like templates and html we will use the text.js plugin from requirejs:

we need to put it on the same directory where the main module is located and put the required files with the "text!" prefix

requirejs will load those files and pass them as parameters

in this case I created a simple template using mustache called greeting.mustache and I loaded it in mod/main/main.js

of course I included mustache.js in js/libs/

get mustache from

then I just render the template passing some json and I append it to the body

addin build support

by including r.js we can now solve dependencies at buildtime and minify js and css, for this we first add r.js at the base of the directory, get r.js here:

then we need to create a config file that sets the correct paths and options check, for a full example with comments see this one:

I also modified the path to make it simpler, moved the modules to js and kept the libs in libs, I also set the baseUrl for requirejs in index.html explicitly so it matches the one set in

to build it and test it I run:

$ node r.js -o

Tracing dependencies for: main/main

Tracing dependencies for: jquery
Uglifying file: /home/mariano/dev/yeies/build/js/text.js
Uglifying file: /home/mariano/dev/yeies/build/js/main/main.js
Uglifying file: /home/mariano/dev/yeies/build/js/libs/mustache.js
Uglifying file: /home/mariano/dev/yeies/build/js/libs/require.js
Uglifying file: /home/mariano/dev/yeies/build/js/libs/jquery-1.6.2.js


and running a simple web server:

$ ls  build  r.js  s

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer
Serving HTTP on port 8000 ...

and visiting http://localhost:8000/build/

I get an optimized version with all the dependencies included in main/main.js

you can check that by watching the Net tab of firebug

adding css to the build process

I added normalize.css:

and my own style, I used @import in my css to load normalize.css

after building normalize.css is inserted in main.css so only one css file is requested to the server.

after this steps we have a page that does 5 requests to the server

index.html require.js main.js main.css jquery-1.6.2.js

we save a lot of roundtrips and asynchronouse handling by using require.js

a note on Tutorial Driven Development

today I decided to investigate some tools like requirejs...

but it always happens to me that at the first stages I'm getting huge amounts of information that I don't record anywhere.

then later I forget how I did them, where I find them and worst if I have to explain to someone else what I learned it's hard to remember everything or the steps I did, the little details and so on.

so this time I decided to do something that I thought when started to research, there is a place where I have to write something of what I do at the precise moment I made it work, and that is the commit message of my VCS.

at that point I still remember what I did, where I got the stuff I included (I even still have the tabs open in my browser) and better than that, if I write a descriptive commit not only I have a nice step by step guide but it's associated with the changes I did in the repository.

on top of that it's really simple to automate generating nice documentation from this, in this commit I'm importing a small script that process the git commits that have a body and creates a restructured text file for each of the commits in an output folder.

after this I convert the numerated "chapters" with rst2html and a really cool css from:

and I get automatically beautiful static documentation.

the steps to generate the documentation right now are:

git log --reverse --format="%f.rst%n%s%n%b%n%%-%%-%%-%%" | python
cd docs
rm all.rst
cat *.rst > all.rst
rst2html --stylesheet-path=markdown.css all.rst > all.html

stuff to refine

a better workflow for Tutorial Driven Development with something like a branch for each chapter or something like that.

this is all for now, if I keep improving this guide I just have to run the script again to get the new version of the document.

happy tutDD (TDD is already taken ;)